I'm honored to be a small part in this journey of your life. I am beyond excited to meet you and envision the session of your dreams together.




Hello and welcome





i'm a storyteller...

I strive to capture the unscripted moments that are often the most telling. If my vision and approach speak to you, I’d be thrilled to be a part of your story, to help you capture your moments, your dreams, and your journey. Let’s create something timeless and beautiful together.




I'm a photographer fueled by golden hour and people in love

I have found my passion in photographing couples and small families. Capturing milestones and life's most beautiful moments. Take me to your favorite spot and we'll photograph your memories together.

My goal is to create a memorable experience for you rather than a gallery of stiff poses. I want you to feel as comfortable in front of the camera as possible. So if you're ready, LET'S DO THIS!!

I'm DANIELLE, a photographer from New Hampshire.

About me


I want your images can reflect the moment of time you're in right now. My goal isn't to turn my clients into models but show each client how beautiful they are as is. Just relax and I will guide you to ensure beautiful images. To make the most out of your session here's what you need to know

I thrive on connection

Capturing moments as they are - romantic, beautiful and true to you